The latest development source is available on GitHub.

The current stable release is version 1.5 which can be downloaded from:

Refer to the NEWS file to see what's new in this version, and be sure to read the Installation section for how to compile and install it.

Please subscribe to the meep-announce mailing list to receive notifications when new versions are released:

Meep on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The most recent, stable version of Meep preinstalled on Ubuntu can be accessed for free on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) provided by Simpetus.

Precompiled Meep packages for Ubuntu

Precompiled packages of Meep are available for Ubuntu. We recommend Ubuntu as Meep and all of its dependencies can be installed using just one line:

sudo apt-get install meep h5utils

You can also install the parallel version of Meep which is based on Open MPI using:

sudo apt-get install meep-mpi-default